Welcome, Kenyan coffee lovers!  to the heart and coffee taste of Africa, Twiga Coffee. We are most delighted to have you here.

Since it’s original, premium Kenyan coffee you seek, then ululate, be happy, you have found its home! When it comes to Kenyan coffees, Twiga Coffee stands head and shoulders above the rest.  

For you, our serious drinker and connoisseur of Kenyan coffees, we have ethically, sustainably sourced and brought to you, original, premium Kenyan coffee from the warm heart of Africa -to be enjoyed by you, family, and friends – from the comfort of your living-room couch.    

For your taste buds’ pleasure, we have, just for you, grand, whole bean medium roast, Premium Single Origin Kenyan Coffee ready and waiting to order. Or better still, subscribe for it, and save from 10 – 25%

Without a doubt, the taste of Twiga’s Kenyan Coffee will tantalize your senses and those of your guests. So, don’t hesitate, order our Kenyan coffee today and bring home the strong, premium aroma of one of the world’s best coffees – Twiga Kenyan Coffee.   

By doing so, you will not only be doing yourself a favor, but others as well. This is because, for every Kenyan coffee flavor you favor yourself with, Twiga Coffee promises to donate 10% of all sales to, education, environmental and children’s causes in Africa. Evidently, it’s not only Kenyan coffee that’s on our minds and hearts. 

Kenya Grade AA 

Passionate about charitable causes, we are equally fervent about our flagship coffee, Kenya Grade AA. Much like the world’s best wines, this double A Twiga Coffee will have you brewing cup after cup due to its gout de terroir flavor and aroma (i.e. it embodies the geological qualities of the land of its origins).

Hand roasted and decaffeinated using the Swiss Water process, Kenya Grade AA’s flavor and aroma are definitely from out of this world and will surely have you buying more than you anticipated.  

Kenya Peaberry Coffee

Ethically and sustainably sourced, Kenya Peaberry Coffee is a definite must try. Similarly hand roasted and decaffeinated using the Swiss Water process like Kenya Grade AA Cofffee, Kenya Peaberry’s flavor and aroma are uniquely unrivalled. Unbelievably acidic, yet tasty and affordable, this full-bodied coffee has a winery flavor of black currants. But that’s not all!

This tantalizingly intricate coffee also contains such fruit flavors as, strawberry, lemon, and guava. Interestingly, at times, its flavors alternate with spice as is common with our Kenyan coffees.