Twiga Coffee’s founders are two brothers who grew up surrounded by coffee farms in Kenya, allowing them to become intimately familiar with all coffee has to offer. They have traveled to 18 different countries, visiting 32 distinct farms, and have tried over 500 different coffee blends. Their travels have provided them invaluable knowledge of roasting premium beans in order to brew the best cup of coffee. But this isn’t where their commitment to the world of great coffee ends.

At Twiga Coffee we work hard to ethically source all our organic beans from farmers that grow according to USDA organic standards. As a result, you will receive the best tasting cup of coffee and know that local communities are seeing the profits from their coffee exports. In recognition of our promise, we are proudly USDA Organic and FAIRTRADE certified.


We proudly give back

In addition to working hard to ensure that our coffee is ethically sourced, we continuously strive to give back by donating to a variety of locally-focused wildlife endeavors. We proudly partner with:
  • The Giraffe Conservation Foundation, the world's only NGO that concentrates solely on the conservation and management of giraffe in the wild throughout Africa.
  • The Hirola Conservation Program, dedicated to the conservation of the hirola antelope, of which only about 500 remain in the wild.
  • The Somali Giraffe Project, focused on the conservation and recovery of the endangered reticulated giraffe.

We are actively pursuing additional partnerships with like-minded, mission-driven organizations.

By donating 10% of all our coffee sales to wildlife conservation efforts, we hope to help preserve our planet for future generations.


Strong partnerships with local communities

We strive to form partnerships with local communities, from individual farmers to community organizations, building healthy working relationships based on respect and trust. Adequate funding is the foundation of economic well-being for small coffee farmers to stay in business and enjoy the fruits of their labor. We are committed to ensuring our farmers are paid fairly and equitably for the coffee they produce.


Ethical and sustainable sourcing

Our buying policy is based on ethical, sustainable sourcing. As a result, we are humbled to have earned FAIRTRADE certification.