Twiga Coffee’s founders are two brothers who grew up on a Kenyan coffee plantation, becoming intimately familiar with all coffee has to offer. They have traveled to 18 different countries, visiting 32 distinct farms, and have tried over 500 different coffee blends. Their travels have provided them a lifetime of experience and left them with the knowledge of roasting premium beans in order to brew the best cup of coffee. But this isn’t where their commitment to the world of great coffee ends. Here at Twiga Coffee we work hard to foster relationships.

We work hard to ethically source all of our beans from African farmers that grow their beans according to organic standards, ensuring that not only do our customers receive the best tasting cup of coffee that they can find but that the local communities are the ones seeing the profits from these coffee exports.


We proudly give back to Africa

In addition to working hard to ensure that all of our coffees are ethically sourced, we also continuously strive to give back to Africa, donating to a range of locally-focused endeavors. We currently have a standing relationship with a Kenyan-based school for the blind, as well as with a Nature conservancy that is focused on preserving local animal populations and plant life.

Our desire in giving back is to help these dramatically underserved communities, which often see large companies that come in, use all of the local resources and labor, and leave when there is nothing more for them to export around the world. These actions often leave these communities decimated, and often with no way to recover from these tactics.


Strong partnerships with the local communities

We strive to form partnerships with local communities, from farmers to impactful community organizations, building healthy working relationships that are based upon respect and trust. These farmers and local communities are taking great care to grow high-quality, delicious coffee, and taking equal care and effort to support the people they employ.

In 2021, coffee farmers saw a 30 percent increase in the sale price of their goods. Coffee farmers needed the financing to maintain their plants and keep their workers busy during the pandemic.

The foundation of economic well-being for small coffee farmers is adequate funding to stay in business and enjoy the fruits of their labor.


Ethical and sustainable sourcing solutions

Our buying policy is based in ethical, sustainable sourcing solutions, and we are always looking for more ways to give back to the communities that we work with. That is why 10% of all sales are donated back to the communities that we work with, primarily to environmental foundations. We want to ensure that we are helping to preserve the beauty and sustainability of these important regions.