Partner With Us

Elevate your business with the exceptional quality and ethical values of Twiga Coffee. Join a distinguished list of partners, including some of the world's best hotels, restaurants, cafes, bakeries, airports, hospitals, grocery stores, malls, festivals, food trucks, movie theaters, and corporate businesses. At Twiga Coffee, we believe in crafting partnerships as unique as our premium, Fairtrade certified, USDA organic coffee.


Why Partner with Twiga Coffee?

    Exceptional Quality: Our coffee, sourced from renowned coffee regions, delivers a rich and smooth experience that discerning customers crave.
      Ethical and Sustainable: Twiga Coffee is committed to ethical sourcing and sustainable farming practices. Partnering with us aligns your business with a brand that values environmental and social responsibility.
        Customizable Partnerships: We understand that every business is unique. Our partnership programs are flexible and can be tailored to fit seamlessly into your business model.
          Positive Impact: By partnering with Twiga Coffee, your business becomes part of our mission to make a positive impact. We donate 10% of all sales to wildlife conservation, fostering a sense of purpose in every cup.
            Established Conservation Relationships: Twiga Coffee has established relationships with various conservancy groups. Your partnership with us extends beyond great coffee; it contributes to meaningful conservation efforts.


              How to Partner with Twiga Coffee?

              Getting started is easy! Reach out to our partnership team at to explore the possibilities. Whether you are a bustling café, a five-star hotel, or a corporate office, Twiga Coffee brings a touch of sophistication and sustainability to your offerings.

              Join the Twiga Coffee family and let's create a partnership that reflects the quality, ethics, and positive impact that define Twiga Coffee. Together, let's make every cup count for more.