In Swahili, twiga means giraffe. Twiga Coffee is as naturally African as the gentle giraffe.

In East Africa, where we started our coffee company, there is a tale that explains why giraffes have such long necks. The giraffes were attentive to inspiration from above, so God gave them long necks to make hearing messages from heaven easier. 

Throughout East Africa, giraffes are regarded as spirit animals whose towering stature gives them a natural connection to things that are heavenly. The giraffe is thoroughly grounded to the physical world, but also in touch with things that are inspired and bring harmony to the world.

Like the giraffe, Twiga Coffee is big - in its mission, and in the robust flavors that are a delight to the senses. The team plays an instrumental role in supporting the livelihoods of farmers and the local communities we serve.


Powerful Inspiration for Powerful Coffee

Coffee is a natural source of energy and awareness with delightful tastes and aromas that brings opportunity to hundreds of small farmers in Africa and Central America.

Growing up surrounded by coffee farms in Kenya, the two brothers who founded Twiga Coffee practically have coffee in their veins. Visiting 32 coffee farms in 18 countries and sampling over 500 coffee blends, the brothers know how to roast premium beans to make a delicious cup.

At Twiga Coffee we aim to achieve excellence not only in the coffee that we offer but also in the relationships that we foster with farmers. We are committed to supporting coffee farmers who take enormous care in growing quality coffee while nurturing their employees and the environment.

Our buying policy is based on ethical, sustainable sourcing, and we further contribute to the world by donating 10% of all sales to wildlife conservation.