Explore the rich tapestry of African coffee with Twiga Coffee's exquisite collection. Our African coffee offerings include:

Ethiopia Sidamo: Experience the complexity and richness of Ethiopian Sidamo coffee. Its distinct fruity sweetness and smooth body make it a delightful choice for those seeking a well-balanced cup.

Ethiopia Sidamo Decaf: Savor the flavors of Ethiopia without the caffeine. Our Sidamo Decaf offers the same delightful taste in a decaffeinated form, perfect for those looking to enjoy coffee without the buzz.

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe: Delight in the unique flavors of Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, where tradition meets elegance. This coffee captures the essence of Ethiopian heritage, offering a taste like no other.

Kenya: Our Kenyan coffee brings the bold and vibrant flavors of East Africa right to your cup. Each sip tells a story of Kenya's unique coffee heritage.

Rwanda: Discover the exceptional taste of Rwandan coffee. With its harmonious blend of bright and lively flavor notes, it reflects Rwanda's dedication to quality and sustainable coffee farming.

Each African coffee region has its own distinct charm, from the lush highlands of Ethiopia to the vibrant coffee farms of Rwanda and Kenya. To dive deeper into these remarkable regions and explore our coffee offerings in detail, click on the following links:

At Twiga Coffee, we're passionate about connecting you with the finest African coffees, grown sustainably and ethically to ensure every sip is a true delight. Explore our African coffee collection and experience the flavors of this incredible region with every cup.