Tanzania Grade AA Coffee | Medium Roast | 1 lb (16 oz) | Twiga Coffee

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The Tanzania AA coffee are grown on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa. The high elevations and nutrient rich soil allows for the production of the highest grade AA coffee.

Tanzanian Grade AA Coffee by Twiga Coffee showcases some of Africa’s best and brightest coffee bean selections. Here we have a coffee bean grown on Mount Kilimanjaro. As the highest mountain peak in all of Africa, coffee cherries harvested from the slopes of the mountain are prized for their flavor.

It is also the main reason why this Arabica variety of whole bean coffee is so popular among coffee fans and baristas. Previously, only the hardiest mountaineers venturing into these dastardly heights would get a chance to try these coffee beans. Now, you can too!

A cup of Tanzanian AA coffee by Twiga Coffee presents a bouquet of fruity notes. This coffee has more of a wine-type acidity matched by a milder body. Creamy and vibrant, the Tanzanian coffee bean can even smell of cedar and soft pipe tobacco. If you are searching for that favorite after-dinner coffee bean, the Tanzanian varietals simply set the bar.

When you purchase a bag of Tanzania Grade AA Coffee directly from our company, you are doing more than just drinking some great coffee. These beans come from a single origin, and we are happy to give back to the local communities where the coffee is sourced. We support children and environmental agencies in Africa with a donation of 10 percent of all profits on our Tanzania Arabica coffee beans for sales.