Brew Guide: How to Brew Coffee [Water Ratios by Method]

Water ratio is extremely important when you are brewing coffee at home. Important factors to consider when brewing coffee include the country and region of origin, the roast type, the texture, and the variety of bean: robusta, arabica, or a blend. In general, the recommended temperature for the perfect cup of coffee is between 195 and 205 degrees.

The infographic on the Twiga Coffee Brew Guide above provides a great overview for new brewers. In addition, we’ve provided information on how to brew the best coffee using some of today’s top equipment.


Aeropress is simple to operate. This coffee maker makes consistently delicious espresso and coffee drinks. It uses a rapid brewing process to extract all the flavor from each bean. So, you get a pure cup of coffee with no bitterness or grit.

As with all of the coffee makers we discuss, water ratio and quality matter. If you have poor tap water with a strong taste or odor, use bottled or filtered water to get the best-tasting coffee. Let the cold water run for a few seconds for the best results.

In general, a golden ratio is one to two tablespoons of coffee to 6 ounces of water. However, each machine may come with its own recommended ratios. Use a ratio of 17 grams of coffee to every 270mL of water (9 ounces) for this machine. Brew the coffee for two minutes for best taste results.


Chemex coffee makers are constructed of borosilicate glass with a wood collar. This construction allows the natural taste of the coffee to come through without any flavor imparted from the materials.

No matter what type of coffee you brew, ensure that the filters and grinders you use are of high quality and cleaned every time you brew a new pot. Making good coffee often comes down to following a few simple details. This could include the size of the coffee particles, the water temperature, and how long you brew the coffee.

Use 50 grams of coffee to every 750mL of water (25 ounces) for Chemex brewing and let the coffee brew between four to five minutes for a smooth-tasting roast. For this coffee maker, the recommended ratio of coffee to water is 1:15.

French Press

French press coffee is ready in 45 minutes but tastes delicious. For French press coffee, you might get a little bit of the grounds in the cup which some brewers prefer. French press coffee has a richness and elegance to it that regular coffee makers lack.

Use 60 grams of coffee to every 900mL of water (30 ounces) and brew the coffee for 4 minutes for best results. The optimal ratio of coffee to water is 1:15.


Pour-over coffee makers exude coffee from fresh beans when used correctly. Use high-grade coffee beans, a quality bean grinder, and pure water for best results. As always, start with cold water and use a good coffee filter or cone. With pour-over coffee makers, use 30 grams of coffee to every 480mL of water (16 ounces) and brew for four minutes. The optimal coffee to water ratio is 1:16.

Browse through the high-quality coffees that Twiga Coffee carries to pair with these brewing practices. Enjoy experimenting with different methods and the best quality beans!