What You Need for This Recipe 

At Twiga Coffee, we don’t only source for you organically grown coffees from the warm heart of Africa and Central America, we also go that extra mile to search for recipes which will help you enjoy, savor, and enhance the taste of our premium range of coffees. 

Today, we would like to share with you, our valued customers, five simple but closely guarded secret ways to make cold foam for coffee aimed at your taste buds’ delight. Without a doubt, once you know how to make cold foam, we are certain you will never be able to enjoy a refreshing cup/glass of cold/iced coffee without cold foam. 

However, before we proceed, the ingredients and equipment you will need for this cold foam recipe…. No need to get a pen and paper, your ever-helpful Twiga team has compiled the list below.


Half to one cup whole/ 2% low-fat milk OR

dairy free creamer/carton of coconut milk OR

Full/half and half (heavy cream)

Equipment, depending on your preferred method


Hand mixer

small bowl/mixer attachment

Milk frother (with cold form section)

French press

Sealable jar/canister

5 Ways to Make Cold Foam at Home 

 But, before we go any further, just what is cold foam? You ask a good question. Fortunately, it’s one we had prepared to answer. Are you ready?

Simply put, cold foam is frothed milk made without heat or steam for iced beverages. We will have you know that in addition to iced coffee, iced cappuccinos, lattes, and espresso are some of the coffee-based beverages only drinkable with cold foam. That is because cold foam helps transform the dark bitter liquid into a delicious drinkable explosion of flavor. 

Now that you possess a list of the required ingredients and equipment, and above all, know what cold foam is, fancy making cold foam yourself? 

Your wish is our command. Because you are such super serious coffee drinkers, we, at Twiga will gladly share our closely guarded secret ways of how to make cold foam for yourselves, families and friends. 

Making Cold Foam in a Blender

If you’re entertaining and hoping to quickly make a big batch of cold foam for your guests and /or family, then this is the way to go.


Pour a cup/0.24l of low-fat milk into the blender.

Replace blender cup onto machine 

Gradually increase the blades’ speed till at full throttle.

Blend well until soft and feathery.

Using a Hand Mixer

Ideal for small quantities of cold foam.


Pour half a cup (0.12l) of low-fat milk into the mixer attachment/bowl.

Put the hand mixer into the milk-filled bow/attachment

Start at low speed, then steadily increase the speed.

Mix until very frothy

Remove the mixer and serve!

With a Milk Frother

As with the blender, this is an easy but more expensive method than the hand mixer. However, at Twiga we believe in sparing no cost in the quest for the very best coffee experience.


Empty half a cup (0.12l) into cold foam partition of milk frother (please remain beneath line).

Press/set dial to ‘COLD FOAM’ OR ‘COLD STIR’

Press ‘START’ and let frothing begin until milk is fluffy.

French Press Cold Foam

Yes, the French Press also makes cold foam. Although the technique is manual, it’s less laborious than most other non-electric methods. Above all, it produces great cold foam!


Pour half & half and flavoring of your choice into the French press beaker.

Replace the plunger and gently pump one or two minutes.

Continue until it is milky thick and foamy.

Cold Foam in a Sealable Jar

Scenario: Blender or mixer breaks down just when you are parched for an iced tea with cold foam! Oh, what to do? No fear, the Twiga team is here. We have the simplest cold foam making technique ever, just for you. Be warned though, it requires some elbow grease. On the bright side–you get a workout while making cold foam.


Pour half a cup (0.12l) low-fat milk or half & half into a sealable jar or canister

Seal and shake vigorously for one minute till foamy.

And presto, cold foam!

To enhance the taste, add sugar or syrup flavors like vanilla, honey, even lavender. 

Till next time folks, enjoy your cold foam Twiga iced/cold coffee!

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For further information or clarification about this cold foam recipe and the various ways of making it – or if you kind folks would just like to invite us for a cold foam iced coffee – please don’t hesitate to reach out. Feel to contact us. We would really love to hear from you. Till then, enjoy our cold foam Twiga coffee!

September 09, 2022 — sumaira Naz