Is African Coffee Good? 

Asking whether African coffee is good is akin to asking whether the sky is blue. Here we will guide you through, sine education about African coffee.

Hailed as the Cradle of Humankind, the African continent is home to some of the best coffees in the world. Located on the “coffee belt,” the continent has both the climate and soil to grow the best coffee anywhere in the world.

East African countries are best known for their special-grade coffee whose unique flavors lean towards fruity and floral. 

Kenya, Ethiopia, and Rwanda are leading growers of African coffee. Much like adventurers and explorers of old required guides for them to transverse this majestic landmass, so too shall we guide you through these countries’ unique offerings. 

Kenyan Coffee 

Just as Africa is undoubtedly the most recognizable continent on planet Earth, so too is African coffee. From the center of this famous continent comes the tastiest and most revered coffee: Kenyan AA Coffee.

Grown in the rich volcanic soil of Mount Kenya, the country’s specialty coffee is generally known for its medium-to-full body, tropical flavors, hints of citrus, and honey.

Ethiopian Coffee 

Ethiopia is home to stunning diversity in coffee varieties and has more than one signature coffee. This land has been growing, roasting and exporting coffee for over 100 years. Unlike most African countries, Ethiopia practices both dry and wet-washed coffee processing. The result has been two distinct avenues of taste: the fruity blends of dry processing, and the delicate floral flavor of the wet-washed coffee process. While labor-intensive, dry processing releases heavy fruity flavors like berry braced with citrus-like acidity. It is no wonder, that Ethiopia is the fifth largest producer of coffee in the world today.

Interestingly, the dissimilarities found in Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee are not because of the processing methods employed; topography also plays its part. Accordingly, regions such as Sidamo and Yirgacheffe have famously unique coffee flavors which we are happy to offer.

Rwandan Coffee

Rwanda Coffee is known as the “land of a thousand hills,” many of which happen to grow coffee amongst its vast natural forests inhabited by the world famous gorilla. After the coffee crop was introduced by missionaries in the early 1900s, coffee has become a critical part of the local economy, producing world class beans that have a distinguishing caramel and cinnamon flavor profile.

Why Choose Twiga Coffee? 

Twiga Coffee beans are guaranteed to be high quality, ethically and
sustainably sourced, and freshly roasted at the time of order. We work hard to ethically source all of our whole organic beans from farmers that grow according to USDA organic standards. As a result, you will receive the best tasting cup of coffee and know that local communities are seeing the profits from their coffee exports. In recognition of our promise, we are proudly USDA Organic and FAIRTRADE certified.

Additionally, we proudly donate 10% of all sales to wildlife conservation efforts.