Twiga coffee provides unique flavors and aromas of coffee plants from individual farms. Our Coffee is not a homogenized blend of beans from whichever giant coffee producers can fill a warehouse. Twiga coffee has a goût de terroir much like a fine wine. They convey the unique taste and flavor imparted by the environment of the farm on which they were produced. Soil, sunlight, temperature, rainfall, and the unique mineral content of the rocks underlying the soil in which the coffee plants grow all contribute to an unmistakable, unique taste signature for all of our coffees. As we foster long-term relationships with the coffee farmers who supply us, we can provide these wonderful flavors in every cup.

Hand Roasted

At Twiga Coffee, every order is roasted by hand at the time of purchase. We inspect each bean to ensure the highest of quality. We make sure that the roasting process brings out just the right flavors to enhance your daily experience of coffee. We send you freshly roasted beans that have much more flavor than ordinary, stale, long-ago-roasted coffee beans. Grinding our coffee beans awakens your senses!

Twiga Coffee preserves all the nutritional benefits of coffee. Fresh-roasted coffee is loaded with nutrients and antioxidants that regulate your body’s ability to burn fat and support your immune system.

Premium Quality

At Twiga Coffee, roasting coffee beans is both an art and a science. If you have ever tried roasting your own coffee beans, you know how hard it is to get consistent results! Heating methods, outdoor temperatures, and indoor humidity all have a huge effect on the flavors you extract from your beans. Plus, the process is smokey and for home hobbyists, messy. The year-round perfect conditions in the locations where we roast our beans make a huge difference in the
quality we can deliver to you.

Ethically Sourced

Finally, when you buy Twiga Coffee, you are supporting fair trade. From the very beginning, we have been fully committed to making sure every worker on every farm that supplies coffee to us earns enough to support their family. We encourage production methods that will keep family coffee farmers in business for future generations, and we give back a part of every sale to make our world a better place.

Drinking Twiga Coffee is a delicious and spiritual experience. Thank you for joining our coffee family as we seek to give you a little taste of all that is heavenly every morning.