At Twiga Cofee we proudly offer two subscription services. Both services offer extra savings and convenience when purchasing coffee products. The two services are as follows:

Subscribe and Save Service

Our subscribe and save service allows our Twiga Coffee customers to purchase their favorite coffee products on an automated interval of every  1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month or 4 months. Customers can rest easy knowing that their favorite coffee will be delivered periodically at a time interval of their choosing. With the added convenience comes the added 10% savings if you join the subscribe and save service today!

red and green Coffee beans

Twiga Coffee Club

We are excited to launch our Twiga Coffee Club subscription service in the very near future. The service will deliver Twiga Coffee to your door twice a month at 25% off our regular prices! Each month we will send you two deliveries of one of our unique coffees hand selected by our expert coffee roasters. We will also add some awesome gifts periodically and when available provide new coffees (single origin as well as blend) for your tasting pleasure. Service coming soon.

twiga coffee kenya bag