Organic Guatemala Antigua Coffee | Dark Roast | 1 lb (16 oz) | Twiga Coffee

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The organic coffee is grown in the Antigua region of Guatemala which is comprised of three volcanoes with an elevation between 5000-6000 feet above sea level. The area is perfect for growing high quality coffee considering the consistent temperatures, ample rain and sunshine as well as the nutrient rich volcanic soil. These conditions allow the Guatemala, Antigua region to be known for producing the finest premium coffee grown in the Americas.


Key Facts

Region: Guatemala

Variety: Arabica

Tasting Note: Full body with a spicy as well as smokey rich and velvety flavor.

Roast Type: Dark

Size: 16 Ounces


Full Description

One of the only coffees in our collection that is not from Africa is our Organic Guatemala Antigua Coffee, which hails from Central America. This premium selection is sold as a dark roast and whole bean exclusively from Twiga Coffee. Our Guatemala Antigua Coffee is a single-origin coffee bean, meaning that we only use a specific variety of Guatemalan coffee beans from one coffee region.

These extra special coffee beans can only be found growing in the prestigious Antigua coffee region. This is, in fact, Guatemala’s most famous region for growing coffee. Guatemala was Central America’s leading producer of coffee throughout the 20th century. Sourcing coffee beans from the Antigua coffee region is akin to having the best coffee in the world.

The primary reason these coffee beans are so prized is due to the proximity of three volcanoes. The high altitude of up to 2,300 feet above sea level makes these slopes excellent for growing coffee beans for our Organic Guatemala Antigua Coffee.

Along with supplying you with the top coffee beans from Central America, we want to continue supporting others. Twiga Coffee gives a 10 percent donation to African charities for children and the environment for every bag of Twiga Coffee sold. Buy the Organic Guatemala Antigua Coffee whole bean today. Taste the difference three volcanoes make in your morning brew.