Organic Ethiopia Sidamo Coffee | Medium Roast | 1 lb (16 oz) | Twiga Coffee

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The organic coffee is grown in one of the most fertile regions in Ethiopia and is very likely the birthplace of coffee. The Sidamo region is located in the Ethiopian highlands and the high elevations allow the coffee beans to grow slower and therefore absorb more nutrients and develop richer flavors.


Key Facts

Region: Ethiopia

Variety: Arabica

Tasting Note: Rich full body with winey acidity and citrus flavor.

Roast Type: Medium

Size: 16 Ounces


Full Description

You may have heard the mythical origin story of coffee. One night a young goatherd named Aldi was having trouble staying awake to guard his goats. He chewed on the red berries of a nearby plant and was filled with energy that carried him through the night. The plant providing the red berries was coffee, and the location of that plant was, at least in the legend, the Ethiopian province of Sidamo.

Whether the story of Aldi’s discovery of coffee should be taken literally or not, there is no question that modern coffee produced in the province of Sidamo is some of the finest in the world.

Sidamo beans are grown at relatively high elevations, 5000 to 7000 feet (1500 to 2000 meters) in the mountains of southern Ethiopia. The cool climate causes the beans to take a long time to mature. The annual harvest of Sidamo beans comes in between October and January. The cool growing conditions and long growing season force the berries to absorb more minerals from the rich, volcanic soil of the province and give them a unique terroir, a set of tastes and aromas unique to each farm.

Sidamo coffee beans are wet-processed. They are forced through metal screens with high-pressure water. Screening the coffee cherries removes most of the pulp and skin. The green coffee beans are allowed to ferment in tanks of water for about a day before the water is drained off, and they are allowed to dry in the sun. Any pulp or skin remaining on the unroasted beans is peeled off after they have dried.

In Sidamo, there is a morning ritual for preparing these special beans. Every morning, Sidamo coffee beans are roasted in an open pan. When they are roasted over an open flame, tiny bits of bean will be burnt. The intense, dry heat of pan roasting Sidamo coffee beans releases notes of berry, citrus, and flowers. When tasted. Sidamo releases earthy flavors combined with sugar cane and lemon. The beans are low in acid and end with a bright finish.

Like most African coffees, organic Sidamo coffee pairs well with citrus. Its citrus notes complement the citrus flavors in lemon bars and lemon cheesecake. They also pair well with blueberries.

Twiga Coffee’s organic Sidamo coffee from Ethiopia uses only the finest beans from farms you will come to know. Twiga Coffee works to ensure financial stability for coffee farmers and their families so you can enjoy the same premium flavors year after year.