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A superb taste of premium, quality African coffee via Twiga Coffee is what we offer when you purchase our Tanzanian coffee.

Hand roasted to premium and quality perfection; our Tanzanian coffee is arguably the best of our East African range of coffees. Grown under the shade of banana trees on the slopes of the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro, it is unbelievably bright, clean, soft, and aggressively complex – perfect for those mellow mornings and laid-back siesta afternoons under Western skies. 

For your convenience and satisfaction, Twiga Coffee has not only sourced this exotic palate delight all the way from tropical Tanzania, but we have also compiled a brew guide on how you can brew and get the best out of your Tanzanian coffee. 

So, purchase your Tanzanian Coffee now, and not only experiment with the varied ways you can brew this Tanzanian marvel, but also give back to Africa. Yes, you read correctly, give back to Africa. But how?

Well, as Twiga Coffee, we pledge to donate 10% of all sells to communities we work with, but primarily to children’s and environmental foundations across the African continent.   

Do help us preserve the beauty and sustainability of where our coffee beans come from by buying our Tanzanian Coffee today! Do not hesitate, it’s for a good cause.

Tanzania Grade AA 

Mildly hand roasted and imbued with a winey, fruity flavor, our Tanzanian Grade AA is a favorite of baristas and popular among serious coffee drinkers. 

To us, this is hardly surprising -after all coffee cherries harvested from the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro are highly prized for their flavor. That’s why we, at Twiga Coffee have, for your convenience and pleasure, sourced and stocked Tanzanian Grade AA – one of Africa’s best and brightest coffee bean selections.