Is African Coffee Good? 

Asking whether African coffee is good is equivalent to asking whether the sky is blue or the Empire State Building a statue-it’s a rhetorical question-it does not warrant an answer. Despite this, we, at Twiga Coffee shall not only answer it, but helpfully guide you through, as well as educate you about African coffees.

Hailed as the Cradle of Mankind, the African continent is home to some of the best coffees in the world. Located on the “coffee belt”, the continent has both the climate and soil to grow the best coffees. It comes as no surprise, therefore, that close to a dozen African countries participate in coffee production, and supply 12% of the world’s coffee.

Among these countries, East African countries are best known for their special-grade African coffees whose unique flavors lean towards the acidic, fruity, and floral. 

Kenya, Ethiopia, and Tanzania are leading growers of African coffee. Much as adventurers and explorers of old required guides for them to transverse this majestic landmass, so too shall we guide you through these countries’ impeccable coffees. 

Kenyan Coffee 

Just as Africa is undoubtedly the most recognizable continent on planet Earth, so too is African coffee. From the center of this famous continent, indisputably comes the tastiest and most revered coffee-Kenyan Coffee.

Although relatively new to growing coffee, Kenya has since made great strides in it. Grown in the rich volcanic soil of Mount Kenya, today, the country’s specialty coffee is generally known for its astounding acidity medium-to-full body black-currant-like tropical flavors and hints of citrus and spice, taste. 

Traditionally, Kenya uses an auction system that rewards higher quality with higher prices. This guarantees Twiga Coffee’s customers drink only the very best specialty Kenyan coffee whenever they purchase it from us. 

Ethiopian Coffee 

 Ethiopia is home to stunning diversity in coffee varieties and has more than one signature coffee. This land of mystery has been growing, brewing, and exporting coffee for over a millennium. Unlike most African countries, Ethiopia practices both dry and wet-washed coffee processing.  The result has been two distinct avenues of taste-the fruity blends of dry processing, and the delicate floral flavor of the wet-washed coffee process. While labor-intensive, dry processing releases heavy fruity flavors, blueberry braced with citrus-like acidity It is no wonder, therefore, that Ethiopia is today the fifth largest producer of coffee, contributing some 3% to global production.

Interestingly, the dissimilarities found in Ethiopian coffee are not because of the processing methods employed; topography also plays its part. Accordingly, regions such as Sidamo, Yirgacheffe and Harrar have famously unique coffee flavors. Coffee flavors which we are only too happy to bring to your coffee room.

Tanzanian Coffee

Known among US connoisseur coffee drinkers mostly for its peaberry coffee, Tanzanian coffee is comparatively new to the African coffee family-it’s been around for almost a century. Tanzanian Grade AA Coffee characteristically has a penetrating, fruity-toned acidity, the deep, rich flavor has notes of black currant that soften to chocolate and blend into the sweet and deep aftertaste.

Though younger than Ethiopian and Kenyan coffees, Tanzanian coffee has over the years developed a reputation for being flavorful bright, clean, medium-bodied, and complex cups. Grown on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Meru, and other Tanzanian regions like Mbeya, drinking Tanzanian coffee pleasantly tantalizes with peach and lemon with an undercurrent reminiscent of black tea.

Often compared to Kenyan coffee, most Tanzanian coffee is wet-washed processed and graded, like most African coffees, bean size- AA being the highest grade. You can’t but fall in love with our high-grade Twiga Tanzanian coffee.

Why Choose Twiga Coffee? 

At the risk of sounding arrogant, another rhetorical question. 

Seriously though, Twiga’s African coffees boost incredible history and high quality. We boast a wealth of experience sourcing for, and supplying the very best organically grown African coffee beans to, our US-based serious African coffee drinking customers. Not only do we do so at affordable prices, our after-care services include helpful and informative guides on how to brew and get the best out of our premium-grade African coffees

Above all, passionate about our African coffees, we strongly believe in giving back where we get. Charitable causes are at the centre of DNA.

Environmentally conscious, for every sale we make, we donate 10% to charities in those countries we source our African coffees from.    

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